Cock ROBIN - Cock Robin @320

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Cock ROBIN - Cock Robin @320

Cock ROBIN - Cock Robin 96 Mb
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CD Audio 1985
CBS Records

C'est sous l'impulsion de Peter Kingsbery, auteur/compositeur, qu'apparaît le groupe Cock Robin, en 1984. En 1985, le groupe enregistre un premier album éponyme, dont le single The Promise you made qui devient un hit en Europe. Cinq ans plus tard, le single Just around the corner, ouvre le deuxième album After here, through midland.
Debut Album from the Band that Centered around Bassist/Vocalist Peter Kingsberry and Vocalist Anna Lacazio. The Production on this Album was Handled by Steve Hillage (System 7) and Val Garay (James Taylor-jt, Linda Ronstadt) for a Crystal Clear Sound. Features the European Hit Singles "Thought You were on My Side" and "When Your Heart is Weak".

01. Thought You Were On My Side
02. When Your Heart Is Weak
03. Just When You're Having Fun
04. The Promise You Made
05. Because It Keeps On Working
06. Born With Teeth
07. Once We Might Have Known
08. More Than Willing
09. A Little Innocent

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+ Bonus 2006 Hit single "I don't want to save the world" (mp3@224/6.29 Mb)

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