Coldcut: People Hold On - The Best Of Coldcut

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Coldcut: People Hold On - The Best Of Coldcut

Coldcut: People Hold On - The Best Of Coldcut (2004)
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Genre: Jazz, Hip-hop, Electronic, House, Disco… Who can Guess?

Unholster your sweary pink shoes - and get ready for s0me real disco.

2004 collection from late '80s house/trip-hop pioneers who went on to set up Ninja Tunes. Features all 15 of their hits, including the title song that brought Lisa Stansfield into the limelight, 'People Hold On', along with 'Find A Way' (feat. Queen Latifah), 'Autumn Leaves' (French Version), & more. DJs Jonathan More and Matt Black, aka Coldcut, rose to acclaim in the mid-'80s through production and remix work for a number of modern rock, hip-hop, and dance outfits, including Yaz, Junior Reid, Blondie, Eric B. & Rakim, and Queen Latifah. BGM.

Track Listings

1. People Hold On (4:00)
2. Doctorin' the House (3:48)
3. Stop This Crazy Thing (4:01)
4. My Telephone (3:52)
5. Kinda Natural (5:12)
6. Autumn Leaves (3:24)
7. Fat (Party and Bullshit) (4:36)
8. Screw Loose (3:11)
9. Find a Way (4:02)
10. Plastic Man (12" Version) (6:19)
11. Dreamer (Ecu Mix) (3:40)
12. Coldcut's Christmas Break (3:58)
13. Beats and Pieces (12" Version) (5:59)
14. People Hold On (12" Version) (9:27)
15. Autumn Leaves (French Version) (5:50)

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Last to say - This is Russian release, as you can conclude from covers…

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