Bill Hicks - Life, Love and Laughter

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Life, Love, And Laughter

1. Intro / Smokers Vs Drinkers
2. Drunk Driving
3. New York Apartment
4. My One Man Show
5. Pot Smoking
6. Drugs Are Bad
7. Children On Airplanes
8. 50 Year Smoker
9. Smoking In Heaven
10. Australia
11. Satiating The American Comedy Audience
12. Dance Club
13. Speaking Of Homosexuality
14. Poe-Naw-Grah-Fee
15. A Question For The Ladies
16. My Favorite New Kid
17. You Can't Get Bitter
18. Closing Bit

Unfortunately Bill died in 1994, but his material stands up today as it did at the time.

Listen and enjoy.

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One more album to come.

As always if you like his material, buy it.


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