Bill Hicks - Dangerous

Posted By: goatboy
Bill Hicks - comic genius

Hicks doesn't compromise.
Bound to offend just about anybody who listens to him
For every offense taken/caused, there are philosophical truths he points out while at the same time forcing his audience into convulsions of laughter.

1 Modern Bummer
2 Smoking
3 The War On Drugs
4 I Love My Job
5 Please Do Not Disturb
6 Flying Saucer Tour
7 We Live In A World…
8 Burning Issues
9 My Parents
10 The Vision

Unfortunately Bill died in 1994, but his material stands up today as it did at the time.

Listen and enjoy.

MP3 400 Kbps | 75Mb

Another 6 albums to come.

As always if you like his material, buy it.



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