Concord Dawn - Uprising

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Concord Dawn - Uprising

Concord Dawn - Uprising ( Drum & Bass | Electronica )
MP3 320 Kbps | 2003 | Label: Universal | 71:54 min | 165 Mb
Genre: Electronica | Styles: Drum & Bass, Electronica, Hints of Rap

Concord Dawn are a New Zealand Drum & Bass band which really deserves a lot more recognition than it gets. I personally fell in love with them 4 years ago, and have been hooked ever since. With straight up and nasty bass lines, fast paced beats, and positively spine-tingling lower-mid-range oscillations, these guys are a positively awesome replacement to fill in your beat addiction while you wait for your next prodigy album to come out. These guys are the closest you'll find to an acoustic orgasm. Over and Over again. Normally I wouldn't upload to Avax & Oxyshare, generally as Im saftey paranoid, and have a crap upload speed, but for this band I'll make an exception. These guys more than deserve to get a lot more publicity, and doing that by sharing one of their older, but better albums, In my opinion, is a perfect way to help spread their fanbase. Nothings ever as good as seeing them live in concert tho, with 20 foot high speakers running at positively deafening volumes and using the airflow for body cooling, these guys you just want to hear them louder and louder. ( Ps. A good loud sub is a _must_ for these guys, or you will miss half their crafty work. some of their songs take a while to get into the groove, but once that hard-ass nasty bass riff cuts in , especially in 'morning light', you'll feel tingling sensations rippling up your spine, and having your eyes start blinking in sheer euphoria.. well.. at least thats what happens to me, I possibly love these guys more than is deemed healthy )

1. Morning Light
2. Tonite
3. Get Ready
4. Ninja
5. Raining Blood
6. Don't Tell Me
7. Aurora
8. Horror Show
9. Let It Go
10. Scimitar
11. Zulu

But, with no-adue, here be the link you've all been dying for.


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