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Joseph Hill From Culture Passed Away

Culture - Humble African

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It is with extreme sadness that we report the passing away of Joseph Hill, the lead singer of the veteran reggae group Culture.
Joseph suddenly took ill and passed away in Berlin, Germany, on the morning of August 19, 2006 while the group were in the middle of a European tour.

Joseph Hill (born January 22, 1949) enjoyed a lengthy career in reggae music and will be greatly missed by both fans and peers. The group plans to finish its current European tour and honor all other commitments with Joseph's son Kenyatta standing in on lead vocals as a tribute to his father.

Joseph Hill has blessed us with so much inspiring music - rest in peace!

Culture - Humble African

« Culture - Humble African »
Genre Reggae | 1 cd | mp3 128 Kbps | no Covers | 55 MB

Track listing

1. Why Am I A Rastaman?
2. Revolution
3. Going Home
4. Rolling Stone
5. Humble African
6. Where Is The Love
7. Poverty
8. Too Much Ginals
9. Never Give Up
10. Weeping
11. It's Hard To Live
12. Fishes To Fry
13. Home Grown
14. Poor People Hungry
15. Nah Stay Inna Babylon

There are some great tracks on this disk. Lots of roots sprinkled with a little dance hall and even a tune with some pop overtones (Fishes to Fry). Almost 30 years as a band, these guys are still making great reggae music and writing a variety of music, most with a healthy edge to it. Most of the cuts are strong and yes even the pop tune is great. A great vehicle for getting the word out and yes making a little money. Keep the great music coming. After listening to this, one realizes that reggae music is still very much alive

Culture - Humble African