Curved Air - Air Conditioning (1970)

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Curved Air - Air Conditioning (1970)

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(Covers includes Dutch, German, Japanese and Original releases)

Enjoy one of the best Genuine Progresseive Rock Groups on History. Dream with Sonja Kristina Voice. Cry if you never heard it before. Do you like Prog Rock? Good, you'll have more one AWE album… You dont like Prog Rock? Here's a chance to change your taste

Track List

1.It Happened Today (Francis Monkman/Sonja Kristina Linwood)
2.Stretch (Darryl Way/Francis Monkman)
3.Screw (Darryl Way/Sonja Kristina Linwood)
4.Blind Man (Darryl Way/Rob Martin)
5.Vivaldi (Darryl Way)
6.Hide and Seek (Darryl Way/Sonja Kristina Linwood)
7.Propositions (Francis Monkman)
8.Rob One (Rob Martin)
9.Situations (Darryl Way/Rob Martin)


Sonja Kristina – Vocals
Rob Martin – Bass
Francis Monkman – Guitars, Keyboards
Florian Pilkington-Miksa – Drums
Darryl Way – Violin, Keyboards, Vocals
Produced by Mark Edwards; recorded at Island Studios
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