Dark At Dawn - Dark At Dawn (2006)

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Dark At Dawn - Dark At Dawn (2006)

Dark At Dawn - Dark At Dawn (2006)

Gothic Influenced Power Metal | mp3 | CBR@256kbps | 83 Mb

Dark at Dawn is the fifth album of the same called German metal band and the second one on the AMF-label. Considering the band's name you should expect dark metal, well you want be disappointed because that is exactly what you are going to get. The voice of singer Thorsten Kohlrausch definitely fits with the music. His brutal voice sounds aggressive and mean. His voice would turn a love story into a horror event.
My favorite song is Avalon, a song with a beautiful intro that changes into a doom metal song, the voice of Kohlrausch is sounding huge heavy, halfway there is an intermission with drums and flute and the ending is almost symphonic; great structure!
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Band homepage: Dark At Dawn
Country: Germany

01. The Alliance
02. Dark and Dawn
03. Avalon
04. Crossbreed
05. Roses of Light
06. Road to Eternity
07. Fearless
08. The Passage
09. The Ones with Fiery Eyes
10. Glorious Duty
11. Sons of the Sea
Total playing time: 44:34

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Dark At Dawn - Dark At Dawn (2006)