Dave Edmunds - Repeat When Necessary [1979]

Posted By: Crossfire
Dave Edmunds - Repeat When Necessary

Girls Talk (Costello) 3:25
Crawling from the Wreckage (Parker) 2:53
The Creature from the Black Lagoon (Murray) 3:52
Sweet Little Lisa (Cowart, Cowart, DeVito) 3:38
Dynamite (Garson, Glazer) 2:33
Queen of Hearts (DeVito) 3:17
Home in My Hand (Self) 3:20
Goodbye Mister Good Guy (Meager, Murray) 2:40
Take Me for a Little While (Martin) 2:39
We Were Both Wrong (Murray) 2:42
Bad Is Bad (Lewis) 3:11

Billy Bremner: Guitar, Vocals
Dave Edmunds: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Nick Lowe: Bass, Vocals
Terry Williams: Drums
Roger Bechirian: Piano [Girls Talk]
Albert Lee: Guitar [Sweet Little Lisa]
Huey Lewis: Harmonica [Bad Is Bad]

produced by Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe

This album smokes. Edmunds was at the peak of his powers, and his back up band (see; Rockpile) was the best he's ever had. Dave comes out swingin with the excellent `Girls Talk' and doesn't slow down til it's all over. Raucous, lively and punchy, this is pub at it's best. Good rockin rockabilly in the fifties tradition. Fans of Cowboy Mouth, CCR and Men At Work should take note. Rockpile was the king of all bar bands, unstoppably great, and no matter what name they recorded under they were irresistible (see Lowe's LABOR OF LUST and their own SECONDS OF PLEASUSE). It's a pity they didn't stay together (Billy Bremner, where are you?). Pay special attention to "Crawling From The Wreckage', `Sweet Little Lisa' and `Creature From The Black Lagoon'