Deborah HARRY - Debravation

Posted By: galmuchet
Debbie's voice just gets better and better as she becomes older. This CD is a fine proof for that. You can hear almost the same voice as in NO EXIT–- very mature, articulate, powerful and sexy. All the songs are surprisingly in such high quality that even now it doesn't sound old a bit. This album will be treasured for decades, as it has been, by all the Debbie fans around the world. H. Shimada

01. I Can See Clearly
02. Stability
03. Strike Me Pink
04. Rain
05. Communion
06. Lip Service
07. Mood Ring
08. Keep on Going <– Track 8 missing, I need it please :-)
09. Dancing Down the Moon
10. Standing in My Way
11. Fugitive
12. Dog Star Girl
13. My Last Date (With You)
  • - Debbie Harry, , , R.E.M.
    14. Tear Drops
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