Deep Purple + Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

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Deep Purple + Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Deep Purple + Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
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Sooner or later, classical training will out. Jon Lord, who studied classical piano as a schoolboy, apparently started thinking about fusing rock and classical styles during the middle Sixties, and indeed his band of the period — incarnated as the Artwoods and metamorphosed into St. Valentine's Day Massacre — did at one time plan to perform with an orchestra in Germany, but the band was already disintegrating and nothing ever came of it. Lord didn't let go of the idea, though, and he continued to work up rock/orchestral snippets after the formation, breakup, and reformation of Deep Purple, to the presumed despair of Purple manager Tony Edwards, who finally decided to force Lord to put up or shut up. It was April 1969; Edwards had booked the Royal Albert Hall for the debut of Lord's symphony, or concerto, or whatever, on the 24th of September, and it had better be ready.


1. First Movement: Moderato - Allegro
2. Second Movement: Andante
3. Second Movement: Andante (Conclusion)
4. Third Movement: Vivace - Presto