Dinner At The Thompsons - Lifetime On Planet Earth - 2007

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Dinner At The Thompsons - Lifetime On Planet Earth - 2007

Dinner At The Thompsons - Lifetime On Planet Earth
CD | MP3 | VBR | 65.8MB
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo, Nu Jazz, Break beat

The Franco-American duo Dinner At The Thompson’s release their first opus “Lifetime On Planet Earth". The smooth and sensual grain of Lucille’s voice mixes with Fablive’s productions, an eclectic concoction of acoustic soul, jazz, electro-funk creations, and audacious break-beats. A sound that leaves much to reflect on for the musically adept, but most of all that blows you away with its finesse and sincerity - definite chemistry ! The stories Lucille tells through her lyrics, a blend of urban poetry and existential reflections, comment on beginnings, on endings, on life experienced ; a natural, warm voice that will nourish the finest of gourmets. Colored with subtle bits of sampling and live instrumental recordings, their musical world is also inspired by the acoustics and rhythm in Afro-beat. The album was conceived to give a warm feeling, a rarity in today’s often over-produced-sounding albums. Fablive brings rap, soul, and electro into real time - fresh, delicate, and rough all at once. It isn’t surprising that “Lifetime On Planet Earth", after being mixed in France, was mastered by Dave Cooley, the craftsman of all the Stones Throw projects ! The purists will be appreciative…but they won’t be the only ones ! All the dance floor lovers will relate. And you can be sure that they’ll be getting down too !


1. Lifetime On Planet Earth
2. Daily Vitamines
3. Can't Get Over
4. Consciousness
5. An Other Day
6. Reality Check
7. Short & Sweet
8. Soaking Blue
9. Dark Haze
12.Corner Store Dinner
13.Fly Nature
15.What A Girl Needs