QUARTET SENSITIVE - Afternoon With Jobim - jazz - bossa nova

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The Quartet Sensitive is a jazz group of renowned Croatian musicians, whose abundant individual work has contributed largely to the Croatian jazz scene. They live and work in Rijeka. So am I :))
A CD entitled 'Afternoon with Jobim' was released 4 years ago, produced by Dallas Records, with 10 compositions by the best Brazilian composer of the 20th century, Antonio Carlos Jobim, in charming rhythm of bossa nova. It was given excellent reviews by critics and public alike.
QUARTET SENSITIVE - Afternoon With Jobim - jazz - bossa nova

A leadear of the bend is Darko Jurkovic - Charlie, a virtuos guitar player of a rare and fascinating two hand tapping technique (invented by Stanley Jordan), he's been voted for the best jazz croatian guitarist in last few years, singer is Meri Troselj, woman of peculiar voice and interpretation ability, the bass player is Henry Radanovic, also voted the best in his category in Croatia, and drummer is Tonci Grabusic.

They also play some serious jazz, but didn't recorded it yet :))

this album tracks:

1. No more blues 7:00
2. Don't ever go away 5:00
3. Quiet nights of quiet stars 4:35
4. Triste 3:43
5. How Insensitive 5:57
6. Wave 5:31
7. Desafinando 2:38
8. Aqua de beber 3:44
9. The girl from Ipanema 4:10
10. Aruanda 3:16