Cornell Campbell Natty Dread Anthology (Original Recording Remastered)

Posted By: kushunpeng
NB: i made "blunder" while ripping and also in packaging the files (in 4 parts whereby they could hold in just 3 :(( ), however the bits quality between the files at 128kbits and those at 320kbits is really unnoticeable, to my opinion, please listen and let me know if you sense any difference at all. Thank you.

Tracks Listing


1. Girl Of My Dreams
2. Stars
3. The Gorgon
4. Dance In A Greenwich Farm
5. The Conquering Gorgon
6. Gun Court Law
7. They Can't Get Me Out
8. Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm
9. Press Along Natty Dread
10. Give Me Strength Oh Jah
11. The Gorgon Is The Ruler
12. Stay Down Babylon
13. Jah Jah A Go Beat Them
14. I'll Mash You Down
15. Please Be True
16. Wherever I Lay My Hat
17. I've Got To Keep Running
18. Duke Of Earl (original)
19. The Sun
20. Whenever You Need Me
21. Heading For The Mountain
22. Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
23. Rasta Come From Jail
24. Natty Dread


1. My Sweet Baby
2. Go To Tell The People
3. Malicious World
4. I'll Never Let Go
5. Press Along Natty
6. Fight Against Corruption
7. Trick In The Book
8. Boxing
9. Rope In
10. Chatty Chatty Too Much
11. My Love For You
12. Everybody Want Promotion
13. Hypocrites
14. No Man's Land
15. Jah Jah Me No Horn Yah
16. The Gorgon Is Back
17. Confusion On The Land
18. My Guiding Star
19. The Drifter
20. Queen Of The Minstrel
21. Be True To Me
22. Hard Headed Israelites (aka Follow Instruction)

Special Tracks 06 "Gun Court Law" & Track 08 "Boxing" dedication to each & everyone here.

More to come,
Catptain Peng
Sorry for the "blunder"