Adrian Sherwood - Never Trust A Hippy (Dub-Ambiant-Spiritual)

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Adrian Sherwood - Never Trust A Hippy (Dub-Ambiant-Spiritual)

Adrian Sherwood - Never Trust A Hippy (Dub-Ambiant-Spiritual)
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“Sherwood has been a key figure on the margins of the UK dub reggae scene since the days of punk so it's somewhat surprising that Never Trust a Hippy is only his first full-length release. Which isn't to say he hasn't already built up a pretty mean legacy: as the power behind the influential On-U Sound label he's worked as producer for the likes of Primal Scream, Nine Inch Nails, and Lee "Scratch" Perry, mashing together dancehall tempos, dub skankiness, rootsy world-music, and electronic industrialism under one pioneering banner. Never Trust a Hippy is the logical culmination of one man's quest, a collection of tracks with a definite grounding in dub's spiritual reverence for echo, delay, and heavy bass. A number of contributors add their own unique spin on the sound, including excellent digital dancehall producer Lenky, Indian vocalist Hari Haran, reggae greats Sly & Robbie, and Sherwood's young daughters who sing vocals on "The Ignorant Version." Cultures are packed so densely that it comes out sounding virtually rootless, making Never Trust a Hippy dizzyingly unique.”

Adrian Sherwood - Never Trust A Hippy (Dub-Ambiant-Spiritual)

Track Listing
01 Adrian Sherwood - No Dog Jazz.mp3
02 Adrian Sherwood - Hari Up Hari.mp3
03 Adrian Sherwood - Haunted by Your Love.mp3
04 Adrian Sherwood - X-Planation.mp3
05 Adrian Sherwood - Strange Turn.mp3
06 Adrian Sherwood - Dead Man Smoking.mp3
07 Adrian Sherwood - Paradise of Nada Remix.mp3
08 Adrian Sherwood - Boogaloo.mp3
09 Adrian Sherwood - Processed World.mp3
10 Adrian Sherwood - The Ignorant Version.mp3
11 Adrian Sherwood - Majestic 12.mp3

Special track 08 "Boogaloo" dedication to each & everyone on AvaxHome.

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