Electric Light Orchestra - Secret Messages (1983)

Posted By: wendingo
Electric Light Orchestra - Secret Messages (1983)

For E.L.O fans it will not be a surprise to say that this is the most accomplished album of the band, great music, brilliant electronic orquestacion (sorry for mi spanish). Jeff Lynn at his best. People who like E.L.O will like this, and for the ones who doesn't know it, they only have to remember catchy melodies like 'Confusion', 'Telephone line' or 'Xanadu'.

Though by the time of release the band had started to change orchestra instruments for syntethizers, the talent remains the same

1. Secret Messages
2. Loser Gone Wild
3. Bluebird
4. Take Me On And On
5. Time After Time
6. Four Little Diamonds
7. Stranger
8. Danger Ahead
9. Letter From Spain
10. Train Of Gold
11. Rock 'N' Roll Is King

File 1: Bluebird, Danger Ahead, Four Little Diamonds, Letter from Spain, Loser Gone Wild.
File 2: Secret Messages, Take Me On And On, Time After Time, Stranger, Train of Gold, Rock 'n Roll is King,