Eloy DAWN (1976)

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Eloy DAWN (1976)

Eloy - DAWN (1976)
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 65,05 Mb | Genre: Rock, Program-Rock | 1976 Year

This is an exceptional album from Eloy, dating from 1976, when they started producing great symphonic progressive rock.

Two of the songs on this album are stand-out classics: The Sun-Song and The Dance in Doubt and Fear.

Although a concept album based on the story of earlier release Power and the Passion, this is very much a turning point in the sound of the band, with a much more focussed rhythm section allowing the melodic leads to soar.

01. Awakening
02. Between The Times
03. Sun Song
04. Dance In Doubt & Fear
05. Lost?
06. Midnight Fight
07. Victory Of Mental Force
08. Gliding Into The Night & Knowledge
09. Le Reveil Du Soleil
10. Dawn
11. Gliding Into Light And K
12. Le Reveil Du Soleil - Th