Emilie SIMON - The Flower Book (2006)

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Emilie SIMON - The Flower Book (2006)

Emilie SIMON - The Flower Book (2006)
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CD Audio Novembre 2006

Notre p'tite Emilie très internationale, merci à l'O.U.

Emilie Simon's ethereal, sing-song version of the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog," the second song on THE FLOWER BOOK (a compilation of songs from her 2006 debut album, VEGETAL, and from her soundtrack work for the movie MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, hints at the artist's complex, genre-bending sensibility. In her independent, expressive D.I.Y. approach, Simon is connected to the punk impulse, yet her overall aesthetic has more in common with female auteurs like Bjork and Kate Bush. Stylistic boundaries are crossed and erased from song to song, while Simon's lovely, unpredictable vocals unfurl like a siren song. Meanwhile, her lyrics, full of mythic transformations and dream-like imagery, help create a self-contained universe that is fragile, hallucinatory, ominous, and alluring.

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01 Song of the storm
02 I wanna be your dog
03 Dame de lotus
04 Desert
05 Fleur de saison
06 Le vieil amant
07 Sweet blossom
08 Rose hybride de thé
09 Never fall in love
10 Flowers
11 Il pleut
12 Swimming
13 In the lake
14 My old friend
15 To the dancers in the rain

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