ENIGMA - The Dusted Variations (Dec 2005) Remix

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ENIGMA - The Dusted Variations (Dec 2005) from 15 Years After [Box-Set]

Release Date: 09 Dec 2005 Label: Virgin EMI (mp3@192) Remix + .cue

This Special Remix-CD was included in the official ENIGMA "15 Years After" Box-Set, which was released in December 2005.
The CD contains the new ENIGMA-Single "Hello & Welcome", which will be released in beginning of 2006 AND very classical re-interpretations of ENIGMA-Hymns, mixed by Rollo (mastermind of FAITHLESS).

The Dusted Remixes have been remixed by Rollo (from Faithless) and Mark Bates and feature a completly different "Chill and Classical" feel to a selection of Enigma tracks. These tracks bring a commanding authority that strays into different musical pastures. Let your mind wander and relax to these interpretations of Cretu's melting pot of songs.

Produced and Remixed by Rollo and Mark Bates for Dusted
Strings Arranged and conducted by Mark Bates and Performed by Orkestra Fittipaldi

Genre : Enigmatic - Ambiente - Relax

1. The Child In Us
2. Age Of Loneliness
3. The Eyes Of Truth
4. Rivers Of Belief
5. Sadeness Pt 1
6. Endless Quest
7. Voyageur
8. Beyond The Invisible

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