Esperanto - Rock Orchestra (1973)

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Esperanto - Rock Orchestra (1973)

Progressive Rock - @320 - ID3 - Covers

Esperanto has only 3 (and very rare) albuns. Want to complete your collection on it? Click HERE for their 2nd and HERE for their 3rd albuns, so you'll have the FULL collection of that GREAT and UNIQUE band!!

Review From The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock and Related Music
On Rock Orchestra, the band consists of 12 members playing lots of instruments, including three vocalists, flutes, violins, guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. The music is sometimes like standard '70s rock and nothing special and sometimes really complex progressive rock. The album is about 60% AOR and 40% progressive. The band sometimes shows potential on what was to come on later albums like the good one Last Tango. On Last Tango the band is reduced to eight members and the music is a lot better and more progressive than on Rock orchestra. There is some killer stuff on Last Tango. – Andre Hagberg.

01-One Down The Road.mp3
02-Never Again.mp3
03-Perhaps One Day.mp3
04-Statue Of Liberty.mp3
08-Move Away.mp3

Timothy Kraemer / cello
Bruno Libert / keyboards
Gino Malisan / bass
Tony Malisan / drums
Roger Meakin / vocals
Kim Moore / vocals
Geoffrey Salmon / 2nd violin
Raymond Vincent 1st violin

Other information
Tracks 1-6 produced and engineered by Ken Scott at Trident Studios, London
Tracks 7-8 produced by Dave Mackay and engineered by Roger Quested at Morgan Studios, London
Art direction: Michael Doud
Esperanto logo: design by Scott Russell, artwork by Mike Cook
Photos: inside by Rosemary Adams, back cover by Fin Costello
Chef: Nick Marshall

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