Esperanto - Danse Macabre (1974)

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Progressive Rock - @320 - ID3 - Covers

(It's the 2nd album from this aaawwweeeesoooome band. In my last Esperanto post I put the 3rd (and BEST). Next post will be their 1st album, so you'll complete your Esperanto Collection

From the back of the cover:
"Danse Macabre" is a natural evolution from the first album "Esperanto Rock Orchestra".
The dramatic theme running though this second album reflects all aspects of Esperanto and shows a willingness to look for a definitive approach to contemporary music.
Much of this direction has come from Peter Sinfield, who has produced this album following work with King Crimson, ELP and PFM and his influence can be clearly heard throughout.
"Danse Macabre" does not require listening to and should not be played on speakers less than 8" in diameter, in airport lounges, elevators and at dinner parties or immediately after sexual congress.

01-The Journey.mp3
02-The Castle.mp3
03-The Duel.mp3
04-The Cloister.mp3
05-The Decision.mp3
06-The Prisioner.mp3
07-Danse Macabre.mp3

Timothy Kraemer / cello
Bruno Libert / keyboards
Gino Malisan / bass
Tony Malisan / drums
Roger Meakin / vocals
Kim Moore / vocals
Geoffrey Salmon / 2nd violin
Raymond Vincent 1st violin

Other information

Produced by Peter Sinfield (a picture of Peter is present on the bottom left of the backsleeve picture of Danse Macabre, left to Raymond Vincent).
"I was so tired at the end of the project that I turned down a chance to produce the first Supertramp album. All those eights!" –Peter Sinfield

Danse Macabre has been written in 1875 by Charles Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921). It is a setting of a poem by Henri Cazalis which told of Death playing his fiddle in a wintry churchyard at midnight while skeletons dance to his ghostly tune.
Saint-Saëns is a French man, that's why the title is Danse and not Dance.

Engineers: Mike Cooper and Andy Hendrikkson
Recorded at Command Studios, London

Art Direction: Michael Doud
Design: Junnie Osaki
Front Cover Photography: Laurence Sakman
Back Cover Photography: Peter Waldman

UK Tour 1974, members
Cathy Shostak : "I've just been thinking about my short(!) time in Esperanto for this UK tour..(with Magma). I played keyboards and sang back-up. I remember Bruno being very patient with me as I was not as good as he was. I also remember being in that bus with 26 guys and me and Giorgio Gomelsky and all of Magma eating rice and onions (that's all! they ate they said for pure energy) for every meal. I can't remember all the gigs but we definitely did the Roundhouse. As I said it was short but sweet….

Comments written on the single Danse Macabre / The Castle:
Esperanto, who are currently appearing on British dates with French band Magma, have selected an adaptation of Saint-Saens' famous "Danse Macabre" as their new A & M single. The track - a sprightly jazz-rock version of the original classical piece - was arranged for international rock orchestra Esperanto by leader/violinist Raymond Vincent, and produced by Peter Sinfield.

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