EURYTHMICS - Peace (1999)

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EURYTHMICS - Peace (1999)

EURYTHMICS - Peace (1999)
MP3 | 192 Kbps | Covers | 67,4 Mb | October 19, 1999 | Label: ARISTA

Peace, Eurythmics's first studio album in a decade, finds Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart proving the durability of their musical bond. Where their solo efforts were usually well crafted and unexciting, Peace makes clear how inspired the two can be when working together. The ballad (and first U.S. single) “17 Again” is nice if overly sentimental; the reprise of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” at the end treads Stinglike ground to little appreciable effect. But songs such as “I Saved the World Today” and “Beautiful Child” vividly return to the depth of Touch and Be Yourself Tonight while updating Eurythmics's chemistry for 1999. In short, Peace is a happy surprise that will find listeners hoping for more. – Rickey Wright

01. 17 Again
02. I Saved The World Today
03. Power To The Meek
04. Beautiful Child
05. Anything But Strong
06. Peace Is Just A Word
07. I've Tried Everything
08. I Want It All
09. My True Love
10. Forever
11. Lifted

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