Evan Parker & Kinetics - Chiasm (2019)

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Evan Parker & Kinetics - Chiasm (2019)

Evan Parker & Kinetics - Chiasm (2019)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 212.52 Mb | 38:15 | Cover
Free jazz, Avant-garde | Label: Clean Feed

It’s difficult to say if it was Evan Parker who invited Jacob Anderskov’s trio Kinetics to start this new collaborative project or if the initiative came from the Danish pianist. The doubt results from the permanent equilibrium of forces detected in “Chiasm”: the British saxophonist can be the protagonist, the frontline voice, but the music reflects in every step the most important motivation for Anderskov and his Kinetic partners, Adam Pultz Melbye and Anders Vestergaard: to celebrate the entire evolution of jazz by means of using some particularities of that patrimony through a compositional concept turned to the invention of the future.

Either way, we can understand, just by hearing the music, why this connection with Parker is happening. The London-based musician is an illustrious representative in present days of the long line of innovators in both the tenor and the soprano saxophones: nobody else could symbolize better the double focus of this record in History and in the creation of the New. This task to detect and distill the old soul of jazz, at the same time refreshing it, comes from a radical point of view – radical because it goes to the roots in order to finally reach the flowers and make them bloom. Are you fascinated by the way Coltrane resounds in Evan Parker’s playing these last few years? Well, there’s plenty of that here for your delight…

Recorded at London’s Vortex club and live in the studio in Copenhagen, Chiasm is a documentation of what interplay may sound like when an established piano trio meets a master of improvisation. On the four improvised tracks, the group explores melodic, timbral and rhythmical structures on both micro and macro levels, creating a matrix of nonlinear dynamics from which emerges an oscillating and shimmering sonic image, propelled by a shared approach to the real-time generation of structure and form.

Track List:
1 London Part I 18:16
2 Copenhagen Part I 4:35
3 Copenhagen Part II 7:53
4 London Part II 7:29

Bass – Adam Pultz Melbye
Drums – Anders Vestergaard (2)
Piano – Jacob Anderskov
Tenor Saxophone – Evan Parker




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