Fahir Atakoğlu/Horatio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez/Anthony Jackson - IF

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Born in Istanbul, Turkey,Fahir Atakoğlu is an acclaimed composer and pianist. He is now finding a growing audience in Europe, Japan and in North America as well. His sensitivity as a composer deeply moves the audience by his unique rhythmic, melodic and harmonic sense.

His music reflects his extraordinary talent in blending different musical cultures which make his compositions speak with striking originality, and always wonderfully connected to the culture of his motherland.

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1. If
2. Two Ways
3. Anadolu
4. About Autumn (Seasons Change)
5. Cool
6. Beyoğlu
7. Spur Of The Night
8. Ten Eight
9. Glow With The Flow
10. Yana Yana
11. Back Home
12. Saturday