E.J. - Fantastic Remastered (1995)

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E.J. - Fantastic Remastered (1995)

E.J. - Fantastic Remastered (1995)
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The Original LP first came out in 1975. The newer 1995 CD version has been remastered and has had 3 Bonus Tracks added. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds, One Day At A Time and Philadelphia Freedom.

One of Elton Johns many 1970s pop gems, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC & THE DIRT BROWN COWBOY is a classic album filled with well-written, catchy tunes. The most famous song from this record is the radio hit, "Someone Saved My Life Tonight". A bitter tune about a badly entangled relationship, Johns lyric rejoices in an 11th-hour triumph of freedom.
CAPTAIN FANTASTIC also features Johns well-known version of the Lennon/McCartney favourite "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". John maintains the eccentric sonic elements of this tune, but makes it more dramatic and operatic, particularly as the songs refrain loops on and on towards the ending. "Writing" is another highlight on this disc;Latin-influenced, upbeat, and bubbly, this number contains some quirky bongo playing and a light, care-free lyric centred on the actual process of composing songs. Without a doubt, John and partner Bernie Taupin were one of the best songwriting duos in rock history, and many of their finer collaborations are captured on this album.
On a personal note, I really enjoyed the album , Eltons voice is hitting all the notes and and you can feel the creative energy of the entire group.I knew every word of every song. For me this was the very last album that was truly the superb voice of Elton John. I heard songs on the radio not too many years later, such as Dont Go Breakin My Heart and others, I knew my ride on the E.J. Train was over…and was never comming back.
But with all the Incredible music created on this and the earlier albums.. I have a lifetime of memories and music, from one of my most favorite singers,. and performers.. Elton John

01. Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
02. Tower Of Babel
03. Bitter Fingers
04. Tell Me When The Whistle Blows
05. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
06. Gotta Get A Meal Ticket
07. Better Off Dead
08. Writing
09. We All Fall In Love Sometimes
10. Curtains
11. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
12. One Day At A Time
13. Philadelphia Freedom