Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On (1969)

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Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On (1969)

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Album Released September/November 1969 and Recorded 1968-1969

Then Play On is the fourth album by blues rock band Fleetwood Mac, first released in September 1969. It is often considered the best album by the Peter Green lineup of the band, and one of the best rock albums of the late 1960s.

The album has been released with four different song lineups. The current CD lineup combines two different US lineups, both of which were deviations from the original UK song order.

CD Track listing

This late 1980s-early 1990s re-release sticks mostly to the strange order of the revised US track listing, but reinserts two of the deleted songs in new locations. The mix of "Oh Well" still contains the repeated minute. The two songs which appeared only on the UK LP are still missing here.

The strangest part of all this is that the disordered sequence arguably works, and has an edgy illogic of its own.

Chat groups and online music stores feature many consumer complaints that the current issue of the CD uses poor copies of the tapes. Dropouts and excessive hiss are evident.

01 - "Coming Your Way" (Kirwan) - 3:47
02 - "Closing My Eyes" (Green) - 4:50
03 - "Showbiz Blues" (Green) - 3:50
04 - "My Dream" (Kirwan) - 3:30
05 - "Underway" (Green) - 2:51
06 - "Oh Well" (Green) - 8:56
07 - "Although the Sun Is Shining" (Kirwan) - 2:31
08 - "Rattlesnake Shake" (Green) - 3:32
09 - "Searching for Madge" (McVie) - 6:56
10 - "Fighting for Madge" (Fleetwood) - 2:45
11 - "When You Say" (Kirwan) - 4:22
12 - "Like Crying" (Kirwan) - 2:21
13 - "Before the Beginning" (Green) - 3:28

Incl. cover and artwork

"Then Play On" first came out in October of 1969, and is as classic as rock gets. Peter Green was (and to some of us still is) one of the rock Gods of the 60's. This is the best album they ever realeased and is in my list of the 10 best albums in rock history.