Forever Faithless

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Forever Faithless [LIMITED EDITION]

MP3 | VBR 192 Kbps | 1:15:23 | 116 Mb

Последний альбом Faithless. Вышел 16 мая 2005 года. Ничего принципиально нового, но пара новых треков все-же есть. Может кому будет интересно...

Album Description
This is the Specially Packaged Limited Edition version. Faithless, the 10-million-records-selling dance act, are: Sister Bliss (biggest female DJ in the world and multi-instrumentalist), Maxi Jazz (leading UK rapper and Buddhist) and Rollo (producer and svengali). Forever Faithless features the greatest hits of their career, with tracks taken from all four previously released albums (Reverence, Sunday 8pm, Outrospective, and No Roots). Tracks include "God Is a DJ", "Insomnia" and the massive "We Come 1".

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Tracks 1-4 29.8Mb

1. Insomnia
2. Mass Destruction
3. God Is A DJ
4. Don’t Leave

Tracks 5-8 33.6Mb

5. Muhammad Ali
6. We Come 1
7. Reverence
8. Salva Mea

Tracks 9-12 26.8Mb

9. One Step Too Far featuring Dido
10. Bring My Family Back
11. Miss U Less, See U More
12. Tarantula

Tracks 13-16 25.7Mb

13. Fatty Boo
14. Reasons (Saturday Night)
15. Why Go? (Featuring Estelle)
16. I Want More
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