Frau Doktor - Dauerkamper

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Frau Doktor - Dauerkamper

Frau Doktor - Dauerkamper
Genre: Ska | Mp3 192 | Covers | 65 Mb

Frau Doktor is a ska Band who sings mainly in german and has many fans in different local ska scenes in Germany. Famous for there highly dancable two-tone ska music with a bit of punk but mainly just enthuastic happy making rythm, they make any crowd skanking and sweating. The band was formed in Wiesbaden where you can enjoy there last concert each year.

If you like ska music, I highly recommend you this CD.
No matter if you don´t understand german.
It´s a very energetic and positive music for reloading your body and soul,
and for dancing too.

Track list & covers & booklet

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Frau Doktor - Dauerkamper