Free - Free (1969)

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Free - Free (1969)

Free - Free (1969)
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Free is the second album of English rock group Free, recorded and released in 1969. The band had spent time touring after their debut album Tons of Sobs the previous year, and there is a marked difference in the musicianship of the band as well as Paul Rodgers's voice. Individual members of the band seem less inclined to show off their musicianship - there are few of Paul Kossoff's extended guitar solos that could be heard on some of the previous album's tracks such as "Goin' Down Slow." Whereas Tons of Sobs had been produced by Guy Stevens, Free was produced by the head of Island Records himself, Chris Blackwell, meaning that the album is more expensively produced. It is, however, less hard-rock oriented.

Track listing:

1. "I'll Be Creeping" 3.27
2. "Songs of Yesterday" 3.33
3. "Lying in the Sunshine" 3.51
4. "Trouble on Double Time" (Fraser/Rodgers/Kirke/Kossoff) 3.23
5. "Mouthful of Grass" 3.36
6. "Woman" 3.50
7. "Free Me" 5.24
8. "Broad Daylight" 3.15
9. "Mourning Sad Morning" 5.04
10."Broad Daylight (Single Version)" 3.09
11."The Worm (Single Version)" 3.03
12."I'll Be Creeping (Single Version)" 2.47
13."Sugar for Mr. Morrison (Single Version)" 3.01
14."Broad Daylight" - BBC Session 3.21
15."Songs of Yesterday" - BBC Session 3.11
16."Mouthful of Grass (Solo Version)" 3.33
17."Woman (Alternative Version)" 4.00
18."Trouble on Double Time" (Fraser/Rodgers/Kirke/Kossoff) 2.37
19."Mourning Sad Morning (Alternative Version)" 5.10