Gagaku Japanese Traditional Music (1994) performer Kunaicho Gakubu [128 Kbps]

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Gagaku is a type of music, strongly influenced by continental Asian antecedents, which has been performed at the Japanese imperial court for more than a millennium. Gagaku is made up of three bodies of musical pieces: togaku, said to be in the style of the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618–907); komagaku, said to have been transmitted from the Korean peninsula; and music of native composition associated with rituals of the Shinto religion. Also included in gagaku are a small number of regional Japanese folk songs, called saibara, which have been set in an elegant court style.

Gagaku. Japanese Traditional Music (1994) performer Kunaicho Gakubu
- 128 Kbps -

1. Hyojo Netori 1:43
2. Etenraku 9:45
3. Oshikicho Choshi 2:00
4. Kishunraku No Jo 13:42
5. Kishunraku No Ha 7:15
6. Banshikicho Netori 1:17
7. Seigaiha 11:08
8. Koma Ickikotsucho Konetori 1:23
9. Kitoku Ha 8:42
10.Kitoku No Kyu 4:09
11.Motomeko No Utadashi 0:36
12.Motomeko No Uta 5:39