George Thorogood & the Destroyers - George on Tap, Plus!

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George Thorogood & the Destroyers - George on Tap, Plus!
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Year: DVD released in 2002 | DVD#: 7243-4-77980-9-2
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Full DVD-title is: "George on Tap, Plus! - The Thorogood Videos".

George Thorogoods On Tap Plus features prime cuts of George at his very best. Includes the promotional video clips of Bad to the Bone (2 versions), I Drink Alone, If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave) and more. Also includes extra bonus tracks only available on this DVD.

No-frills blues rocker George Thorogood and his band the Destroyers have been cranking out quality tunes for both boozin' and cruisin' since 1977, and this home-video release collects eleven music videos of Thorogood and company making the noise they're famous for. George Thorogood & the Destroyers: George on Tap - Plus! includes two different videos for the hit "Bad to the Bone," along with clips for the tunes "I Drink Alone," "Night Time," "Willie and the Hand Jive," "If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)," "Get a Haircut," and more.

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Tracks included:

Get A Haircut
Bad To The Bone
Nobody But Me
I Drink Alone
You Talk Too Much
Willie And The Hand Jive
If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)
Hello Little Girl
Bad To The Bone (1992 Version)
Night Time (Live) (Bonus Track)
Treat Her Right (Bonus Track)

Short but satisfying (2 xtra vids not on VHS).

I purchased this DVD to replace the skimpy VIDEO HITS (6 vids) & I enjoyed this, w/ all those videos plus original versions of "Bad to the Bone", "Nobody But Me" & "Night Time" (on Video Hits stuff such as the "Bad"'s Lucky Stike cig-pack, The drummer's Chuck Berry t-shirt in "Nobody but Me" & the same drummer's Michigan University jersey in "Night Time" appear to be blurred out, since these vids were made before free-advertising was outlawed on MTV, but on "On Tap" they appear intact.) The Boston blues-rocker wasn't too much of a MTV darling, (hence his clips were too raw for people hooked on synth-pop in the early '80's) but it's nice to see 'em on DVD, especially the TV-wrestling clip for "hand Jive".

Great set of videos.

My 4 year old daughter loves "Get A Haircut"…and I think the whole concept of what George does, comes through on these great videos. He knows what he's about…hence the inclusion of the great Bo Diddley in the "Bad To The Bone" video and a cameo appearance…all too short I might add of the master of the 'Alligator' Roy Head on the 'Treat Her Right' video (Roy's hit from way back when) complete with Hank playin' tenor and Bari at the same time, cool. I also spotted 'H' Bomb Ferguson clearly playing maracas while wearing one of his famous wigs in the Willie And The Hand Jive video!. These videos were made a long time ago and George looks a lot younger on some of these! Good time stuff! Nobody seems to rock out like this anymore.

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