[MPB] Ben & Gil - Ogum Xango (1975)

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A unique record congregating 2 great names of Brazilian popular music: Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben

Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben - Ogum Xango

"Recorded with little rehearsal and only two acoustic guitars (plus a percussionist) for accompaniment, Gil e Jorge focuses squarely on the individual talents of Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben as musicians, vocalists, performers, and improvisers. Of course, they prove up to the task. The nine lengthy tracks on the album (it was originally configured as a double LP) feature Gil and Ben interacting to a high degree, trading lines and often repeating them several times. The best tracks here -- "Nega," "Taj Mahal," and "Meu Glorioso Sao Cristovao" -- are highly rhythmic and have the heft of ancient Brazilian folksongs. Unfortunately, there isn't another record in Gil's discography even remotely close to it" - John Bush, All Music Guide

Track list:
01 - Meu Glorioso Sao Cristovao
02 - Nega Babe
03 - Jurubeba
04 - Quem Mandou
05 - Taj Mahal
06 - Morre O Burro, Fica O Homem
07 - Essa E Pra Tocar No Radio
08 - Filhos De Gandhi
09 - Sarro

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