Great Metal Covers Volume 12

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Great Metal Covers Volume 12

Great Metal Covers Volume 12 | Heavy Metal
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 108 Mb | 78:50
Great Collection of Metal Covers

01-children of bodom - mass hypnosis
02-cradle of filth - sleepless (anathema)
03-dark moor - halloween
04-funeris nocturnum - wheels of fire (manowar)
05-habers corpus - fight fire with fire
06-hostile intent - deuce (kiss)
07-iron savior - delivering the goods
08-maego de oz - whole lotta love (led zeppelin)
09-pennywise - surfin usa (beach boys)
10-power symphony - blood of my enemies (manowar)
11-primal fear - metal gods (judas priest)
12-rage - paranoid (black sabbat)
13-seven witches - widowmaker (wasp)
14-silent force - all guns blazing (judas priest)
15-soundgarden - come together (beatles)
16-spirit corpse - sweetwater (lake of tears)
17-warrior soul - paradise city (guns and roses)
18-wasp - paint it black (judas priest)