Oleg Ponomarev - Master of the Russian Gypsy Violin

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Oleg Ponomarev - Master of the Russian Gypsy Violin

Олег Пономарёв. Виртуоз скрипач, джазист, игравший с Рави Шанкаром и Иегуди Менухиным, всегда остающийся верным цыганским корням. Предлагаю вашему вниманию один из его альбомов записанный в Дублине.

Oleg Ponomarev - violinist, bassist, pianist, guitarist, composer, arranger, producer, singer, teacher and biker
After touring with the Russian/Gypsy Band LOYKO for 10 years, recording more than fifteen albums with various musicians, writing off two motorbikes and getting five stars at the Edinborough festival, Oleg has finally settled down in Ireland.

He recently signed up with "ARC Music" UK and "Circular Records" Scotland, recorded albums with "KOSHKA", "The Hot Club of Dublin", French chanteuse Caroline Moreau, and wasted three months, writing score for the Scottish Opera Orchestra for the Grand Finale of the "Celtic Connections" festival in Glasgow.

4 CDs with "Loyko" (Russian-Gypsy music)
3 CDs with Valentina Ponomareva's group (Russian-Gypsy Romances)
2 CDs with "Koshka" (Gypsy world music)
1 CD with the "Hot Club of Dublin" (Gypsy jazz)
1 CD with Caroline Moreau
1 CD with the "Black Mama Dharma Band" (Gypsy avantgarde)
1 CD with Ron Wood and Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones

Track list:
01 Lakatosh
02 Souvenir de Villingen
03 Polonez
04 Hora
05 I'll Tell You Why
06 Smelka
07 Doina
08 Bear Dance
09 Turka
10 Deda
11 Odessa
12 Romance
13 Lautary
14 Wedding Song

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