Heather Dale – Call the Names (2001)

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Heather Dale – Call the Names (2001)

Heather Dale “Call the Names” | 2001 |Genre Celtic/SCA | MP3 | bit rate 128kbps | Time 56:53 | 50.9 MB

1. The History of Ealdormere: Part 1
2. One of Us
3. Bow to the Crown
4. Renaissance Man
5. United at War
6. White Rose
7. Bards of Ealdormere
8. True & Destined Prince
9. Pierre and Marianne
10. Smith's Circle
11. The Server's Song
12. Maiden's Choice
13. Light of the North
14. Inspiration
15. Six Pearls
16. Call the Names
17. The Carter's War Song
18. King of All Trades
19. Stone Soup
20. The History of Ealdormere: Part 2

When not playing Lady Marian, Heather manages Amphisbaena Music, an independent record label based in Toronto, Canada. An amphisbaena is a two-headed dragon, which sounds like an appropriate symbol for a label that promotes the work of artists who dabble in the modern Celtic genre.

Just a few minutes shy of an hour, Call the Names is more than a simple modern Celtic CD. It has a story to tell. Ealdormere's tale is full of heroism, adventure, humor, blood, love, pride and courage.

She does not have any formal vocal training. Her voice is beautiful and is perfect for medieval music. She also knows her way around many instruments including keyboards, alto and soprano recorders, harp, bodhran drum, hammered dulcimer and percussion. She is joined on several songs by fellow bard Chris Evans, who contributes guitar, backing vocals and percussion.

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