Heidi Hauge - country singer from far Norway

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Heidi Hauge is a 38 years mother of 4 children from Norway, who was discovered in a local bar in her hometown of Skien, where she sang with her husband each weekend. This resulted in a record contract with the Norwegian label Showtime Records who released her first CD album "Country Time" an album that is soon expected to go Gold in Norway. After releasing and seeing the results of the successful sales on "Country Time", her label "Showtime Records" released 2 more CD albums in a short period of time. These CD albums were "Country Rose" and "Country Girl" Both albums have already sold Gold in Norway.

"Showtime Records" have now started to prepare launching Heidi in Europe, and plan to release her albums in Denmark and Sweden next year. All her albums are made up of covers of well known, country songs, past and present, and also include some tracks recorded in her native language.

Heidi is already one of the best selling artists in her native Norway, of any music style, and I predict that she is also going to be a big hit with continental D.J's and Country music fans, after the release to Europe of these three fine albums. Heidi Hauge can certainly count herself among the the best Country music talent that Norway has produced and that has included such fine artists as, Bent Boe, O.J. Hanssen and Arne Benoni. Heidi Hauge will definitely find a place on the Metro Country playlist!

Heidi Hauge - Country Rose 2001

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NOTE: Change song #11 in this archive with this one: I am sorry.

Heidi Hauge - Country Time 2000

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Heidi Hauge - Country Girl 2002

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