Hernan Cattaneo South America

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Hernan Cattaneo South America
Progessive House | MP3 kbps 192 | 1:11 / 1:15 min | CD 1 98.4 / CD 2 102 MB

Born in Buenos Aires, Hernán grew up listening to bands like Simply Red, Level 42, Depeche Mode and New Order whilst carefully studying Billboard magazine, the only source of information that was readily available at the time. In 1987, one of his friends visited Vinylmania in New York and returned with some vinyl –Hernán’s first exposure to Chicago House. In that moment, Frankie Knuckles, who should have a huge influence on Hernán and his blossoming career, broke into the scene and quickly became an icon of the incipient house genre. The way Frankie Knuckles and artists like Inner City and Derrick May brought together the energy of european electronic music with the soul of North American music left an impact on Hernán and set the tracks for his career. His elemental understanding of dance music might be the reason why he could firmly position himself amongst the most respected DJs of the world.

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Audio CD (October 22, 2002)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Thrive (Red)


CD 1
1. Gary Dubs - No More Ghosts
2. Jas - Silver Man Tango
3. Weekend World - Twister
4. Franceso Farfa - The Search (Weekend World Mix)
5. Pete Moss Feat. Terra Deva - After 2
6. PQM - You Are Sleeping
7. Interflow Feat. Anna Robinson - Storyreel (Chris Hampshire Mix)
8. Darko - Phased (Blackwatch Spanish Harlem Dub)
9. G-Pal Presents GHOS - I Can See The Lights
10 Prince Quick Mix - The Way (PQM Deephead Dub)
11. Hernan Cattaneo - Landing (Martin Garcia Edit)

CD 2
1. Circulation - Topaz
2. Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments (Original Mix)
3. North Atlantic - Lights Out (Lemon 8 Mix)
4. Izdatso - Western Nights (Harry Peat Desert Storm Mix)
5. Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (Cass And Slide Our Lexicon Mix)
6. Paul Rogers - Lazy Monday
7. Evolution Feat. Jayn Hanna - Walking On Fire (Bedrock Mix)
8. Tilt Feat. Maria Nayler - Headstrong (Relentless Vocal Mix)
9. Archive - Num (Nick Muir Mix)