Hive - Devious Methods [ReUploaded]

Posted By: SaintStyle

Не нужно долго описывать творчество человека, скрывающегося под именем Hive - большинство из вас знает его композицию "Ultrasonic Sound" по фильму the Matrix.
- необыкновенно качественная электронная музыка, в которой воедино, гармонично сочетаются такие стили как D&B, Trip-Hop, Big Beat.
Я искал этот диск три года, пока, в конце концов, не появилась возможность заказать его на Amazon'е.

Contemporary beat freaks care little for petty genre boundaries. While anachronistic hip-hop heads are busy keeping it real, their more open-minded dance-music partners are spilling over into new, unexplored territory. Take Los Angeles's Hive, for example. Hive's first album, the independently released Working with Sound, bridged instrumental trip-hop with casual jazz piano licks. Hive's even more at home on Devious Methods, the follow-up LP. Here, the beats come harder and faster and dip into aggressive ambient sounds and hardstep drum & bass, bringing along some angry guitars and a whole slew of voice-overs for the loud and bumpy ride. Unafraid to road-test new combinations, Hive plants flags for himself as a leading pioneer of the ever-expanding U.S. electronic scene.
--Jon Caramanica

1998 | Electronic/D&B | 90mb | alt-preset extreme | grabbed with EAC/LAME
if you hear the difference between this MP3's and original AudioCD, be sure - somethink wrong with your acoustic