[] Heraldo do Monte - Heraldo do Monte (1980)

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[] Heraldo do Monte - Heraldo do Monte (1980)

Heraldo do Monte - Heraldo do Monte (1980)
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Former member of the historic Northeastern jazz group Quarteto Novo, Heraldo do Monte also developed an important solo career. His album Cordas Vivas (1983) was already released in 22 countries. He has played with Michel Legrand, Dick Farney, Zimbo Trio, Walter Wanderley, and Paulo Moura and performed abroad in international festivals of Cuba, Montreal, and Montreux. He already became a professional in Rio, playing with Walter Wanderley in 1956 and with Dick Farney in 1960. His first recording came as a sessionman in a Dolores Duran album, with Walter Wanderley. His first solo album was recorded in 1960, Heraldo E Seu Conjunto. He wrote all of the arrangements for the group Os Cincopados and participated in their 1965 recording. As a member of the Orquestra de Carlos Piper, he was awarded with the Guarani and Roquette Pinto trophies (1965). With the group Quarteto Novo, he was also awarded with the Roquette Pinto and received the Imprensa trophy twice. In 1975, he backed Michel Legrand in his live performances at the Teatro Municipal of São Paulo. He also performed with the Zimbo Trio. In 1980, he performed and recorded an album with Elomar and Arthur Moreira Lima, and, two years later, he did the same with Elomar, Arthur Moreira Lima, and Paulo Moura in the famous show ConSertão. In 1997, the four of them played together again in the Kaiser Bock Winter Festival. In 1988, he participated in the Montreal International Jazz Festival (Canada). He also participated in the Montreux and Cuba festivals. In 1994 and 1995 he was awarded with the Prêmio Sharp as arranger of two Dominguinhos' albums. His ''Chuva Morna,'' included in O Piano Brasileiro de Arthur Moreira Lima, is one of his songs recorded by famous interpreters. In 1997, together with Arthur Moreira Lima and Paulo Moura, he represented Brazil in the Caribbean International Music Festival. In 1998 he arranged, conducted, and played in the album Baião: 50 Anos de Poesia, Ritmo e Emoção, together with Hermeto Pascoal, Sivuca, Renato Borghetti, Oswaldinho, and Dominguinhos. In June, he played with the French guitar player Raphael Fays at the Sesc Ipiranga (São Paulo). In 2000, he participated in the Moacir Santos tribute at the Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, with Johnny Alf, Leila Pinheiro, Roberto Sion, Teco Cardoso, and Mané Silveira.
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1. Forrozin
2. Lamento
3. Serenata
4. Pau de Arara
5. Chuva Morna
6. Bebe
7. Alienadinho

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