Horror Record Johnson Smith Novelty Co 1973

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Horror Record       Johnson Smith Novelty Co      1973

Horror Record       Johnson Smith Novelty Co      1973

Horror Record J Smith Novelty (1973)
Horror | MP3 192 Kbps | 1 CD | Incl. Covers | 23 MB

Horror Record Johnson Smith Novelty Company 32071 1973

So you can bet that I ordered off for that "Horror Record" as soon as I could scrape together the required cash (along w/ the U-Control Ghost, but that's another story). When it finally arrived though (as a 7", not the full LP I'd pictured) it was, like nearly all things ordered from comic books, something of a letdown. I think I'd truly imagined that once I dropped that needle down my entire bedroom would suddenly become a haunted house or something, but if any record could manage THAT trick, this wasn't gonna be it. To be fair side one wasn't so bad – pretty much just 7 minutes of the usual Halloween sound effects I'd come to know already – but on side two they tried to piece together some sort of semi-cohesive storyline which is where the whole thing fell apart. The narrator's attempts at a sinister voice were risibly lame (he stammers a few times & seems to be making most of it up as he goes along), and as something of a horror purist (I wanted your classic array of ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches & ghouls) I was morbidly aghast by the end of the thing when the cartoon voiced "Krishtor the Moon Monster" arrives to blow the world up (this after an extended flogging scene!). To be honest though, I STILL played the living hell out of this record and quickly grew to prefer the cheapo feel it wallowed in much more than if they had pulled things off with slicker results (a preference that would screw up my tastes for the rest of my life). Now through the magic of the internet you too can share in the glory of this B-Grade 70's horror vibe, Thank you Jason scarstuff.blogspot.com

Track List

Side A 7.42 min
1) Wind Storm Screams
2) Scream Goblin Wolves
3) Ghosts
4) Screaming Man
5) Screaming Women
6) Eerie Music Scream Groans Laughs

Side B 7.30 min
1) Bells
2) Tour of the troture chamber
3) Pleading
4) Climbing stairs
5) Flogging
6) Howling
7) Space Monster Sounds

Horror Record       Johnson Smith Novelty Co      1973


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Horror Record       Johnson Smith Novelty Co      1973