How The West Was Lost (256kbs)

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How The West Was Lost (256kbs)

How The West Was Lost | MP3 256 Kbps

1. How The West Was Lost (Opening & Prelude)

2. Dull Knife And Little Wolf

3. The West

4. Crazy Horse Prayer

5. Last Of The Buffalo

6. Three Theme Medley

7. Stating Intention

8. Sand Creek Memories

9. Black Kettle Theme Variations

10. Nez Perce Flight Song

11. Navajo Land Blessing

12. Black Hills Warrior

13. Lakota Flute Song

14. Surrender

15. Flight Song

16. The Death Of Dull Knife

17. A Good Day To Die

18. Geronimo's Surrender

19. He Came From The Black Hills

20. South West Warrior

21. Becoming Human

22. I Will Fight No More

23. The West (Main Theme into The Spirit Endures)