Ian Gillan - Gillan's Inn (2006)

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Ian Gillan - Gillan's Inn (2006)

Ian Gillan - Gillan's Inn (2006)
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IAN GILLAN has proven himself as one of the most powerful and charismatic rock vocalists over a career which has seen heady fame with DEEP PURPLE, solo success and a seemingly tireless work ethic. Gillan's first teenage act, GARTH ROCKETT AND THE MOONSHINERS, proved a valuable stepping stone to a more professional outfit that shared the same rehearsal room: RONNIE AND THE HI-TONES.

Upon Gillan's arrival the band (and vocalist) adopted a new title of JESS THUNDER AND THE JAVELINS. This act gave Gillan touring experience over two years before he departed to join the more lucrative EPISODE SIX, an established outfit with a recording contract. Amongst EPISODE SIX's ranks was bassist Roger Glover and both he and Gillan would later join DEEP PURPLE and form a solid part of that band's 'Mark II' line-up. DEEP PURPLE, Spearheaded by IAN GILLAN's quite unique vocal presence, RITCHIE BLACKMORE's pioneering guitar wizardry and JON LORD's magnificent Hammond organ flurries, DEEP PURPLE would launch itself to major international acclaim and status. As such, the singer fronted up some of the landmark Hard Rock songs such as the seminal 'Smoke On The Water', 'Black Night', 'Woman From Tokyo', 'Highway Star', 'Space Truckin', 'Strange Kind Of Woman' and 'Child In Time'…

01 - unchain your brain (ft. j. satriani)
02 - bluesy blue sea (ft. j. gers)
03 - day late and a dollar short (ft. u. j. roth & r. j. dio)
04 - hang me out to dry (ft. j. satriani)
05 - men of war (ft. s. morse & j. rzeznik)
06 - when a blind man cries (ft. j. healey)
07 - sugar plum (ft. glover & paice)
08 - trashed (ft. iommi, glover & paice)
09 - no worries (ft. m. l. jackson)
10 - smoke on the water(ft. morse, rzeznik, paice & glover)
11 - No Laughing In Heaven (ft. Glover & Paice)
12 - Speed King (ft. J. Satriani)
13 - Loving On Borrowed Time (ft. Morris, Morse & U. J. Roth)
14 - I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (featuring Joe Elliot)

Many A Guests Including Joe satriani , Johnny Reznik , Joe Elliot and more!