Iced Earth - Alive In Athens @192 3cd

Posted By: kocas

Iced Earth - Alive In Athens 3 CDs
192kbps hq cbr total 247Mb rar archives, no pass.

Just last year I bought the "Something Wicked" album, the only I.E. release I owned until ordering this double-disc concert set. That's a great album, but now I can see that this band sounds even better in performance! I can't fully describe it in words. These guys deliver over two hours of heavy metal bliss, covering all of their albums (as far as I know), so there are a few slow songs as well as plenty of Jon's wonderfully, sickeningly fast triplet patterns on rhythm guitar. Finally, the graphic art is untouchable. The cover features a blue night sky and the moon in the background, with "Set Abominae" from the "Wicked" album holding his staff over a fire in one hand and a huge tattered Greek flag in the other. On the first CD he is standing over a fire, with the night sky and a darkened building behind him. On the second disc he is completely engulfed in flames, with one arm outstretched and a photo of the crowd merged into the lower left area of the fire. I haven't seen a more bad-ass package, folks. I give it a solid ten, even after just the first hearing. I know that with each listen I'm only going to get more and more into it... you sure as hell should do the same!

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