Imee Ooi - Jayamangalagatha (Pali)

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Uncover the ancient inspirational paradigm, recited in Pali, of the various spiritual powers in the Jayamangalagatha which depicts the triumph of the creative power of goodness over the destructive force of evil by the Buddha. Each of the eight episodes expresses an act of will born of unshakable faith in the efficacy of spiritual power for the welfare of oneself and others. Goodness not only overpowers evil,but triumphs by sublimating and transmuting it. No mere idealistic sentiment, this grand conquest is a veritable truth. (source:

Artist: Imee Ooi
Album: Jayamangalagatha (Pali)
Genre: Meditation/Buddhism
Year: 1999
Duration: 0:23:32
Size: 33,6 MB
Format: mp3
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(the only problem are the skips at the end of the song)