Imperia - The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh [2004]

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Imperia - The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh
2004 | Atmospheric Metal | VBR-MP3 | 85.5MB

Imperia is the new band of the Norwegian (by origin) Helena Iren Michaelsen, known from Trial of Tears. The singer left the band and the scene for a while, and recently came back into the news because of a (in the end failed) cooperation with Sahara Dust (now known as Epica). In 2003 she started a new adventure, under the flag Imperia, resulting in this debut album. Currently she lives in The Netherlands and tours to promote her album.
The Ancient Dance of Qetesh…a bit hard to describe, but I will try to: atmospheric metal with Egyptian/Eastern influences and heavenly opera vocals. Yet it is not possible to describe the entire album in one sentence, as there is a lot of variation in the songs. What can be spotted easily is what kind of material miss Michaelsen is carved of: ‘Mysted by Desire’ is a very gothic sounding song, with crystal clear and very powerful opera vocals and musically is along the line of the old After Forever.
Titeltrack 'The Ancient Dance of Qetesh' contains greta heavy elements: heavy riffs and a fat double bass attack by guest drummer Ariën Weesenbeek (God Dethroned) and again has this gothich feel. One of the most beautiful songs is definitely 'Mordor'. Yes, even here you find Tolkien. But what an amazing voice does this blonde beauty has! And what an emotion is captured in both her vocals as well as in the entire album. Read the different interviews on her website, then you will understand where these emotions come from.
The album contains some pretty amazing gems! Like the beautiful 'Angelchild', where Michaelsen shows she can do more than just sing opera. The orchestral arrangements by Audun Gronnestad are fantastic and fit the voice of Helena Michaelsen perfectly, but are also nice by themselves, as you can hear in 'Into The Great Wide Open' (which is not a Tom Petty cover!), an instrumental song of about two minutes.
Michaelsen she sings in different ways, with flashes of Tarja Turunen (Nightwish), Floor Jansen (After Forever) and even Kate Bush in the songs, but never more than flashes. Helena Michaelsen is surely no copy of other singers, but is a very colourful personality with a stunningly beautiful and powerful voice.
With rock solid compositions, a crystal clear production, a good band and a cover you can’t go around (yeah…like you want to….), is The Ancient Dance of Qetesh an album you just have to have, as a music fan.

Helena Iren Michaelsen: Vocals
John Stam: Guitars
Gerry Verstreken: Bass Guitar
Audun Gronnestad: Orchestrations
Ariën van Weesenbeek: (Session) Drums
Henry Sattler: (Session) Guitars

01. Awakening 2:15
02. Mysted by Desire 5:12
03. The Ancient Dance of Qetesh 3:40
04. Mordor 5:06
05. Angelchild 2:27
06. Escape 4:52
07. Into Paradaise 5:56
08. Entering the Perspective 4:27
09. Into the Great Wide Open 1:48
10. Secret Garden 3:41
11. Scared for Love 4:02
12. In Your Minder 5:00
13. Chill Out 2:37

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