In Extremo - Raue Spree (2006)

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In Extremo - Raue Spree (2006)

Folk Metal | CBR@320kbps | 95+95+75 Mb

For those who don't know In Extremo, they are a band that mixes medieval and metal music, with bagpipes, harp, and several other unusual instruments. They released a live CD/DVD (Raue Spree 2005) lately and they have taken part into the Eurovision contest, which probably helped them for the charts. As a matter of fact, In Extremo has never had so high positions in charts before the live album (I think it had started at #3, then got down slowly, which is very high since In Extremo used to be pretty underground).

Band homepage: In Extremo

Band: In Extremo
Album: Raue Spree (live)
Year: 2006
Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Germany
Format: mp3 CBR@320kbps Stereo
Size: 265 Mb

CD 1:
01-Raue See (5:10)
02-Spielmannsfluch (3:50)
03-Horizont (3:46)
04-Vanneroch Frande (4:05)
05-Kuss Mich (4:00)
06-Macht Und Dummheit (4:29)
07-Ave Maria (5:28)
08-Omnia Sol Temperat (4:32)
09-Wessebronner Gebet (6:10)
10-Mein Rasend Herz (4:23)
11-Wind (4:46)
12-Singapur (3:52)
13-Captus Est (4:07)
14-Ich Kenne Alles (4:10)
15-Liam (3:54)
16-Palastinalied (5:50)
17-Nur Ihr Allein (5:09)
CD 2:
18-Vollmond (5:28)
19-Poc Vecem (5:18)
20-Spielmann (4:22)
21-Erdbeermund (4:38)
22-Herr Mannelig (5:51)
23-Merseburger Zauberspruche II (4:32)
24-Villeman Og Magnhild (5:22)
Total playing time: 01:53:12

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