Ivan Kupala - KOSTROMA (1999)

Posted By: mac0je
Ivan Kupala - KOSTROMA (1999)

This has become one of my favorite albums- it's an electronic remix of Russian folk music, sung by old Russian men and women.

In some ways it's a bit like Deep Forest, though to my mind much more interesting. Despite the electronic part of the music the album does a great job of creating the feel of a Russian village.

It's beautiful and makes me feel happy when I listen to it. I recommend it very highly.


format: mp3 | bit rate: 320 kbps | file size: 75.71MB |
| genre: Electronic/Avant-Garde | year: 1999 |

01 Kupala
02 Kostroma
03 Brovi
04 Vinograd
05 Molodost
06 Svatochki
07 Voromachki
08 Koliada
09 Kanareika
10 Galya
11 Polosa