Ivan Kupala - RADIO NAGRA (2002)

Posted By: mac0je
Ivan Kupala - RADIO NAGRA (2002)

This Ivan Kupala album is wonderful.

I was first introduced to the group with their equally excellent album - Kostroma- and I was hungry for more. I searched them out and found -Radio Nagra-, and I am so glad I did!

This music is somehow primal, spiritual, and basic to life, while also being intricately complex and meaningful on so many levels. It strikes a beautiful chord in me when I listen, and I can't recommend them enough!

If you are passionate about good music from all over the world, real, true, heartfelt music, then you will love -Radio Nagra- !


format: mp3 | bit rate: 320 kbps | file size: 84.60MB |
| genre: Electronic/Avant-Garde | year: 2002 |

01. Pchely
02. Velik den'
03. V rosche
04. Rosy
05. Yascher
06. Pchely 2
07. Dyatel
08. Geo
09. Nana
10. Perepelka