Jack Johnson – On And On (2003)

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Jack Johnson – On And On (2003)

Jack Johnson – On And On (2003)

Jack Johnson – On And On (2003)
Moonshine Conspiracy Records | 2003 | Pop Rock | FLAC+CUE+MQ-Covers (300Dpi) | NO LOG | 295Mb+6Mb

One would be hard pressed to find Jack Johnson interviewed in the pages of a music magazine going "on and on" about his music being innovative and ground breaking. He knows it's not and, for the most part, his biggest fans know it's not. The thing about Jack is he's good at what he does. He's a passionate singer with a great range, a competent guitar player, and a gifted lyricist. He keeps his melodies clear and simple which allows him to flex the emotions of his voice and allows the listener to explore the depth and weight of his lyrics. Johnson serves as a model for what singer songwriters should be. Not every track on the album is brilliant, but there's also no throw-away material either. The two songs that frame this album are "Gone" and "On and On." They both reveal Johnson's stoic acceptance of life's complications. Like every great artist, he asks his listener to sit back, to relax, and ask him/herself what this all means. That's what I like so much about Jack.

Please note that this is an old but good rip (without log), made with an older version of EAC, and coming from my archives on external hard disc.


Jack Johnson - vocals, guitar
Merlo Podlewski - bass guitar
Adam Topol - drums, percussion


01. Times Like These
02. The Horizon Has Been Defeated
03. Traffic In The Sky
04. Taylor
05. Gone
06. Cupid
07. Wasting Time
08. Holes To Heaven
09. Dreams Be Dreams
10. Tomorrow Morning
11. Fall Line
12. Cookie Jar
13. Rodeo Clowns
14. Cocoon
15. Mediocre Bad Guys
16. Symbol In My Driveway

Produced by Mario Caldato, jr.
Mixed & Engineered by Mario Caldato, jr. and Robert Carranza
Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Recorded at the Mango Tree, Hawaii

Sound Quality: 9
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