James Horner - Glory (American Civil War Soundtrack)

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James Horner - Glory (American Civil War Soundtrack)

James Horner - Glory (American Civil War Soundtrack)

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Glory: (James Horner) This is the best score of Horner's career thus far, and certainly the best of 1989. I say this not because I enjoy the music to no end, but because I respect and appreciate it. The film Glory is the type of viewing experience that blow you away with cinematography, acting, story, and music –it's not something you watch with a gang on friends on a Friday night (unless you're strange, I suppose). The film leaves me awestruck every time I watch it, and a good deal of that fascination involves Horner's score. As great as the score may sound on CD, it is infinitely better in the movie. In fact, I think it's the best "score as heard in film" that I've encountered in the past ten years.

From talking to other film music enthusiasts about this score, I often discover that it was the first soundtrack many fans bought as a teenager (Braveheart did that to a degree in '95). Not only did it introduce youths to film music, it shot James Horner into the mainstream Hollywood eye in a single year, with some help of the coinciding release of Field of Dreams. Some of the old generations of composers first noticed Horner's talents and vocalized their support –Elmer Bernstein supposedly being one of them.

As for the music, it performed with a full orchestra and boys choir. The voices of the Boys Choir of Harlem make this score work –from the horrors of the bloody battle of Antietam to the epilogue and mass burial. Every 20 or so minutes during the film, the music swells up to full glory (no pun intended!): for instance, Colonel Shaw's Christmas Eve monologue, the "year of jubilee" march, the preparations for the charge on Fort Wagner, and the finale of the attack itself. These moments will send chills up your spine, which is what a good score should do! Some of the moments in the score are intense to a degree that cause me to skip them sometimes… like the whipping scene and the burning and looting of Darien. Although these may be unpleasant to listen to on CD, keep in mind that they complement the film very well.

Overall, this score would be one of the ten I'd take to a desert island with me if I was forced to choose. I also bought the widescreen, super-surround sound version of the movie. It won Oscars for Denzel Washington, cinematography, and best sound. I mention this because the combination of Horner's music, the sounds of battle, and the incredible imagery make for an unparalleled viewing experience. I recommend both the score and film to all.


01 - A Call to Arms
02 - After Antietam
03 - Lonely Christmas
04 - Forming the Regiment
05 - The Whipping
06 - Burning the Town of Darien
07 - Brave Words, Braver Deeds
08 - The Year of Jubilee
09 - Preparations for Battle
10 - Charging Fort Wagner
11 - An Epitaph to War
12 - Closing Credits

Lyrics to charging fort wagner
Judex est ventusurus,
cuncta cuncta stricte discusurus!

Tuba tusi tremor turus quando
judex stricte est venturus
resti quantus tremor turus quando
stricte stricte est venturus respa
judex est venturus
cuncta stricte discusurus sundex

Tuba mirum spargens sonum
per sepulchra regionum

Liber scriptus proferetur
continentur, unde mundus.
Judex ergo cum sedebit
apparebit, nil in ultum.

Tuba tus sum ego turus quando
judex est venturus coget
respa tura unde, tura unde
rati respa sula judex
respi quantus situ,
turus stricte discusurus!

Spargens ante, libera me, libera me, ante therne
Spargens ante, libera me, libera me, omnesi
Quantus tremor est futurus
quando judex est venturus, turus
quanda stricte est venturus
cuncta stricte discusurus!

The Judge will descend from Heaven
All, All will be closely judged (examined)

The trumpet trembles and shakes when
The Judge closely judges!
The remainder will be shaken when
He has descended upon us!

The trumpet will send its wondrous sound
Amongst all the world's sepulchers
To gather all.

The Written Record will be brought forward
In which all deeds of the world are contained.
Therefore when the judge sits [in judgement],
All the appear before Him, none will be exempt.

The trumpet will call me forth When
The Judge descends to gather all.
The remainder, each one,
The remainder, each one,
Judged only when He sits
To examine each and every one!

Scattered [before thee?]; free me, before your Throne
All are scattered, free me, free me, Knowing me [completely]
Great Trembling then will be
When the Judge has come
To examine all before Him!